Trunki Terrance (Blue)


Traveling with Terrance will make family vacations and neighborhood sleepovers more of an adventure! The perfect size, this suitcase is packed with features and has room for lots of travel-friendly activities. Terrance will become your child’s favorite ride-on travel companion.

Extension Activities: More Ways to Play and Learn:

  • Select several differently sized items (small to very large) and ask the child which will fit inside Trunki. Then ask the child to test his/her answer by trying to place those items inside.
  • How many stuffed animals will fit inside Trunki? Let your child guess, then count aloud as each one is placed inside the Trunki.
  • Have your child use Trunki around the house to “pack” up toys that are out of place. Then, have him/her transport the items to their correct location to be put away.
  • Use Trunki as a storage solution for your child’s favorite collection. Ask your child to gather his/her action figures, mini cars or other small, easy-to-lose toys each evening before bedtime. They’ll be easy to find in the morning, and your child can sleep peacefully knowing his/her treasures are safe and sound.
  • Set up a Trunki obstacle course! In an open space place obstacles (cones or boxes) that the child has to scoot around on his/her Trunki in order to get to the finish line!
  • Send the child on a Trunki scavenger hunt. Have the child ride or pull his/her Trunki to several destinations (indoors or outdoors) to find the items on the list, place them in the Trunki, and then continue toward the final destination. (A hug from Mom or Dad or a new sticker for Trunki!)
  • Trunki Race! Which Trunki is the fastest? In an open area, have two or more children each ride a Trunki to the finish line. Or have each child give a doll or teddy bear a ride, pulling Trunki to finish line while balancing the toy on top.
  • Have the child set up a Trunki Town. Trunki can be the “car” and the driver needs to complete several errands before returning home. Pack the Trunki with a book (pretend it’s a library book that has to be returned), a teddy bear (that’s lost and needs to get back to his home) and a pantry item or pretend play food (for a refreshing picnic lunch). Last stop, home to bed!

     3+ years


Top Pick For Special Needs
Best Toys Guide: Best Toys 2011
Earnshaw’s Magazine: Earnie Award Best Gift 2011

Dimensions: 18.25″ x 8.625″ x 12″

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