Pop Up Farm House



  • Push, Pull and Twist the Chimney’s to see the Farm Animals pop out!
  • Push the mailbox and open the barn door!
  • Four friendly faced characters.
  • Double sided fun.
  • Reflective surfaces.
  • Rattling drum, squeaking button, clicking star and counting beads!
  • Encourages an understanding of cause and effect.
  • Great for the development of hand and eye co-ordination.

Development Skills

  • Colour Recognition
  • Dexterity
  • Hand Eye and Co-ordination
  • Judgement
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Problem Solving
  • Touching and Gripping


  • 2010 Gold Practical Pre-School Awards

    • 12+ months

    • Give your child the toy when the animals are hidden away. Let your infant explore the toy and see if he or she can discover what happens.
    • If necessary, give your little one some guidance and show how to move the tabs to make the animals pop out.
    • Show your infant how to push them in again.
    • Introduce and use the correct vocabulary such as “twist the orange handle”, “press the green chimney”. Demonstrate your actions to go with your words but do not be concerned if your toddler doesn’t understand just yet. Repetition and reinforcement over time will help increase their skills. “
    • Emphasise colour recognition by talking about the colours of the animals and doors. “What colour is the sheep behind the blue door?”
    • Challenge your toddler to pop the animals out in the order of your choosing. For instance “can you pop the cow out?
    • Use lots of praise and encouraging language.

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