Cappi Mug 10oz: Red Sangria


Milkhouse Cappi Mugs!
  • 10oz Mug; 70 hours of burn
  • Heavy glassware made in the USA
  • Engraved wooden lid doubles as coaster

Red Sangria : Full-bodied red wine infused with brandy, citrus, crisp geen apples, and a touch of fresh herb.

**Image shown is only for show purposes.  Each votive will have it’s scent name on label.**

Majestic glassware, made in the USA, is where we begin. Add the Milkhouse-famous soy and beeswax blend with true fragrance, and you’ve got a product that you’ll want to drink right up! Okay, so you’ll have to wait, because our candles are so luscious that you will always want to be burning it. But what happens when the candle is gone? Wash with hot, soapy water (so you can mix your favorite beverage in it) and go buy another Milkhouse Cappi Mug Candle to add to your collection!

70 hours of unsurpassed burn.
Includes engraved lid, which doubles as a coaster.

Tech Tip: For a perfect burn every time, holding a tissue between your thumb and forefinger, pinch the wick off at the base of the wax after the wax has cooled.

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