Butter Jar 16oz: Cappuccino Brulee


Milkhouse 16oz Butter Jar Candle
  • 100 hours of burn
  • Double Wicks to fill your entire home with fragrance
  • MADE IN THE USA with glassware made in the USA

Cappuccino Brulee: A full -bodied espresso with a sweet cream topped with rich brown sugar crust. A warm, relaxing fragrance.

**Image shown is only for show purposes. Each votive will have it’s scent name on label.**

Our 16oz Butter Jar Candle is produced with 2 cotton wicks to maximize the fragrance-throw in your home. We start with Milkhouse’s rich blend of soy wax infused with pure beeswax. Milkhouse fragrances are known for their true qualities. Our perfumers know fragrance, and the proof can be found within. Excellent fragrance-throw throughout the entire home from fist light to final flame!

100 hours of burn. Glassware made in the USA. Glass lid and metal bail included.

Tech tip: Our cotton wicks literally THROW fragrance. You’ll often find the greatest amount of fragrance can be found in rooms adjacent to the room in which your Milkhouse Butter Jar Candle is burning. Please place candle accordingly. This candle is meant to fill your entire home.

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